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Moments at Thaoke’s Bar

Location: Thaoke’s Bar

Date: March 17, 2010


last Wednesday night (March 17, 2010), me and my fellow Economics Students namely: Cyrell Claire Dela Pena, Lizandra Guro, Grobelene Dela Calzada, Rjoy Elumba, Faith Edralin, Marvin Junidel Daig, Mark Akut, and Harlene Daaca decided to unwind ourselves. It’s not a long-planned situation actually, we just (or i should say, invited them to) have some fun.

Isabela Grill was the first spot we decided yet a moment later, we moved to Thaoke’s since not all of the girls wanted beers (they prefer the t5 drinks). So we went to the next place. Later on as the scenario flourished, The Economicus (fraternal organization of Economics Students and Economists) came to join us (since i invited them to come over). Grand Chancellor John Allado, Ivan Retirado, Jun Diputado, Lemark Bulalhog, and some of its members are present.

The night was totally awesome not because of such scenarios flowered yet because the camaraderie among the “ekonomistang atenista” was being created. We ordered 4 Colt 45 Grande, 3 T5 (lapad), and 2 Red Horse Grande. It’s not that harsh to imagine our drinks actually…lmao…To add, “pop” (most commonly used “SHUBARS”) were present. Dont forget the hot and sizzling SISIG. To add the scenario, i convinced Faith Edralin to drink a sort of the beer with the help of Cyrell, and Lizandra.hahaha. just a piece of note to Faith, “sori kei namugos mi ato nga tym…hehehe. at least, nakatilaw nakah before ang 2012 pra wlay mahay…rofl”….

Moments later…

I decided to approach Cyrell to go with me at Dunkin Donuts to have some coffee since she’s on the way to “HUBOG” as what she calls it “TIPSY”. we even met Junidel and Grobelene since the 2 went to Isabela a minute earlier. well, i guess, Cyrell is/was being insulted with the word “HUBOG” or “TIPSY” but she cant blame me. i care a lot to girls in which she is. :p so yeah, we went on to Dunkin and have a cup of hot chocolate and coffee just to make her fine.

As the story goes…

Since the evening was ending, the girls of our group decided to go home and the ECONOMICUS decided to go to another place which is the Maxi’s Bar. We continued the session. more buckets of Colt 45 was added to the table since Mark Estrada continuously won with the Poker Game. So, we drink, laugh, and talk.

well, a simple message to all who joined the said session:

thanks for it. well, i really enjoyed the night with you people. not because funny stuff happened but because another moment was created in which developed our friendship as one member of Ekonomistang Atenista. I hope there is still upcoming sessions to celebrate with. We ROCK!


Some of the souvenirs. just click the photo below:


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4 thoughts on “Moments at Thaoke’s Bar

  1. I enjoyed the night, though i got wasted, it’s still great being with my econ family. The bonding was great, thanx to count clement “Clemenza” for inviting us….thanx to cyrelle, grobelene, harlene and everyone else…and to mr. Estrada.

    Posted by Lemark | March 19, 2010, 3:15
  2. i-blog pud tong nag session ta sa Maxi’s bar with the “Miss Nobody Girl”. hehehe. kato kei sure jud ko. hehehe

    Posted by Carlman | March 23, 2010, 3:15

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