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Six Minutes to Midnight

You better check this article from THE PHILADELPHIA TRUMPET magazine  (March 2010 Edition). I am a subscriber of this magazine since i was in 4th year highschool. that means, 4 years ago (October 2005).

enjoy reading!

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists says mankind has bought itself some time.


The MINUTE HAND OF the symbolic Doomsday Clock was moved back by one minute on January 14. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (BAS) cited a “more hopeful state of world affairs” regarding the threat of nuclear war and global climate change. The clock is now set at six minutes to midnight.

The “Doomsday Clock, ” created in 1947, is a symbolic measurement of the likelihood that mankind will begin nuclear war, with midnight representing the zero hour-global destruction. The farthest from midnight the clock has ever been was in 1991 when the Cold War era ended, and it was set at 17 minutes to midnight. The nearest to the zero hour it has ever been was in 1953 when it sat at to minutes to midnight following the announcement that the U.S. and the Soviet Union  had tested thermonuclear devices within less than a year of each other.

The BAS reported that the most recent change represents new optimism on the part of its panel of scientists-including 19 Nobel laureates-about the threat of nuclear war, and global cooperation on climate change.

“The main factor, ” BAS board member Lawrence Krauss told National Public Radio, “was that there’s been a sense that there’s been a sea change in the possibility for international cooperation regarding both nuclear weapons and climate change” (January 15).

“There are now-largely, one would have to say, as a result of the election of Barack Obama-new international talks and agreements to reduce arms,” he said.

To those keeping close watch on global developments relating to nuclear proliferation, this statement likely comes as a shock. An unbiased evaluation of global trends since the clock was last adjusted in 2007 reveals that the threat of nuclear war has only multiplied in that time.

Krauss was careful to point out that the January adjustment was the first time in history that the BAS has moved the clock’s time by an increment as small as one minute. In explaining that the board’s optimism is reserved, he said, “If  we dont follow up on all the talk that’s been happening with action, it could go much  closer to midnight. On the other hand, if all of these things that we hope are going to happen happen, it could move much further away.”

So the move was essentially based on talk-on diplomatic initiatives. But an objective analysis of our diplomatic track record shows that these efforts will prove fruitless in most situations and counter-productive in others.

However slight the adjustment, the BAS’s optimism over these talks showcases man’s refusal to admit that the problems threatening us are too big for us to solve. I highlights mankind’s unwarranted confidence in itself. Six thousand years of strife-ridden history have failed to teach our experts that man does not know the way of peace. Man’s inability to effect peace should have become more evident in the last two years. But, as the danger intensifies, man’s delusion that he is able to solve his own problems has only grown stronger.

It will take Christ’s intervention to keep us from annihilating ourselves and usher in true peace (Matthew 24:22). There is no cause for optimism about mankind solving its problems, but there is every cause to be optimistic about God’s solutions to humanity’s troubles!


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