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Skill + Era= ?

I’m pretty sure you’re wondering why the title is like that. Well I assume, you’re thinking of what should be the answer to that question title. Believe me, its all about the band called “ESKILERA”.

why im blogging about this band? simply because, one of their vocalists is my fraternal sister named Pierre Marie Cossid (Pmarie/Jang-jang) .

About the Band…

as what their Facebook Fan page biography says:

“The band had so many influences that when summing up all our genre’s and arranging them into our Compositions? “Magical”

Different types of songs, from different types of genres helps us create to what is now our Song’s ranging from love song’s down to Alternative and that of a few Jazzy of beats.

The Band with its original members, Mark Amarga and Jorim Sual started as a Jaming session on the Eve March of 2000 that lead us to begin to what was formerly our band before, “switched band”. Members were introduced based on popularity in our Barangay’s. Starting From Norman Sumaylo (lead Guitar) that was introduced because of his unique grooves in straming his instrument, the Guitar. Anthony Medina (VOCALS) was introduced because of his melodic voice that suited our types of music. And Marie Cossid (VOCALS), was introduced by a respected band from lantaw cagayan by sir Jun Sia, because of her A.K.A “sitti” like voice. Jorim Sual (DRUMS) and Mark Amarga (BASS) are neighbors, aside from that they are what we call “KABABATA”.

Eskilera was Formed on 2009, after months of scrutiny on what would be the band name now known as “ESKILERA BAND”


Alternative, Pop-Rock with a little of jazz and a bit of Ballad.
Cagayan de Oro, Philippines 9000

General Manager:

Bernie Bitok Bitok

The Members:

Mark Amarga (Bass Guitar)

Marie Cossid (Vocals)

Anthony Medina (vocals)

Norman Sumaylo (Lead Guitar)

Jorim Sual (Drums)

Some of their gigs:


MOR 91.9 (Cagayan de Oro) LOKAL nga TUKAR


Pamahaw espesyal Session’s 12th of march


if you wanna catch them up or wanna be their fan, simply follow the links below:





besr regards,

Count Clement II


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10 thoughts on “Skill + Era= ?

  1. the best…dude

    Posted by plong2x | March 25, 2010, 3:15
  2. Great blog for Eskilera!!! I saw them in the National TV-BMPM — grabeee and lufeeet!

    WTG Clement!!! bro!

    Posted by jacques DML | March 26, 2010, 3:15
  3. eskilera đŸ˜€

    Posted by Rock1 | March 28, 2010, 3:15
  4. go ate pierre. (fc)
    the best.
    but an juhd kau na sila.
    specially kuia mark.
    ive met them so many times.
    pero lahi rajuhd imu pag meet sa ila.
    mka ibog.

    Posted by GLADYS | April 10, 2010, 3:15
    • hehehe. well yeah, nasurprised jud ko totally when pierre introduced me to the whole band jud including Mr bernie. i was like, “Oh my God! is this for real?”…hahaha

      Posted by freemasonry | April 10, 2010, 3:15


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