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Ekonomistang Atenista Beach Party SUMMER 2010

Location: Marvilla Beach Resort, Opol, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Date: March 24-25, 2010


Last Wednesday, the Ekonomistang Atenista had a beach party held at Marvilla Beach Resort organized by Clement Dampal, II (that’s me) with the help of Cyrell Claire Dela Pena. Its not just an ordinary party, its a blast!

The Story:

Im pretty sure you (well, especially the ekonomistang atenista in which joined the said event) are craving to read my blog since all of you (i assume) are present in this section. Before reading it continuously, imma’ thank you first for joining the said event. thanks for making the show real enough to imagine. we made history!

“PAK-NOTES (pronounced as PAK-NOTCH)”

So, what’s the event again?

Its the Ekonomistang Atenista Summer 2010 Beach Party!

The event started around 6pm (it should be 3pm yet as ordinary, they were late-Filipino attitude, i believe). of course, the event was started with a prayer (not with the traditional welcome notes or a sorta’ invocation since its not formal) done by Mr Lee Mark Bulalhog. Its for the foods actually since all of us (i assume) were hungry at that moment. hahaha.

Fast Forward:

The Games!

I don’t want to make the participants bored so i made some games in which all of them will enjoy. a real happiness to be exact!

So, what’s the first game? It is called:


well, it’s not the tradition group race in which you wear ladies clothes with umbrella, hat, etc. of course, to make it more exciting and blastoff, i fused it with a game (called Spin Me). So, what did they do? First is to dash into a 4 meter race course then do the spin me process (5 spins). after that, they will race to the table (10 meters) and eat La-la (a fish cracker) then sip some t5. After that, they will go to the group, hands up and touch then do it again with the other members until its done.

So, what happened with the game scenario? Well, we made several trials just for them to take it into a real action. actually, its more than a trial. it is like 5 times until we started the game.

The best scenes were made by Lizandra Guro and Harlene Daaca. Why?first, let’s see what happen to Lizandra Guro.

As you can see on the picture below, she was totally blast. “na knocked down c liz” because of the spin me. “As n. tumba jud nga tumba nga sobra pah sa hubog nga tao.” Down in 5-10 seconds. hahaha. peace out Liz!

Let’s go to Harlene Daaca. Well, its not about the “tumba” thing in her part yet its about this: after doing the spin me, niadto siya sa isa ka cottage. In other words, “nasalaag cya”.hahaha. peace out Har.

GOD! this is the best game (for me) among the others since all of the participants “murag hubog nga nangalipong”….hahaha….

check these photos for the game scenarios:

Innovated “Hep-hep-Hurray” game:

the 2nd game is commonly known as the hep-hep hurray yet i changed it to “PAK-NOTCH” (this is because the groups created that name: Group 1-NOTCH, Group 2-PAK).

Mr. Caburatan got the title “PAK-NOTCH KING” upon defeating Ms. Em-em Gonzales. you rock PAK-NOTCH KING! keep it up! lmao

check the picture below for the game scenario:

The Pak-Notch game  was being followed by the traditional game “PATINTERO”.

Around 11pm….

this time, the graduating economics students batch 2010 namely: Franz Cecille Francisco, Melanie Cabanlas, Jimmarie Guzmana, Trinna Dimaano, Nikki Clemena, Michael Abarca, Maja, Froland Tajale, and two other guys arrived to join the event. And yeah, i let them do the “SPIN ME” game. hahaha.

first, i wasn’t able to tell them about the game since i want to surprise them. They were like thinking, worrying, confused on what should be the game. After saying and demonstrating it, they were like really worrying. Well, it is because of the dresses they are wearing. For a record, I indeed exerted such efforts just to convince them to do the spin me game. For Christ’ sake! Some of them are not my friends (i mean, not that close). Fortunately, i did convince them. weew! that was totally an energy exerted effort!

check the picture below:

After it, I introduced them to the next game entitled “PAK-NOTCH”. well, they don’t like the name of the game because its too harassing (i assume), so we changed it to “PAK-NOTES” (in which requested by Jimmarie Guzmana).

Jimmarie Guzmana won the said game. She is the “PAK-NOTES QUEEN”. hehehe.

After that, the batch of Franz went home with smiles. and others, went too. I stayed in together with the others and let the morning shines out.

and yeah, for a record, I am surprised (totally) coz for the first time, I met this pretty lady named Jimmarie Guzmana. well, i heard a series of compliments about her being a gorgeous girl. I’m not that convinced actually yet upon seeing this girl, eye to eye (personally), my world started to enlighten with stars and was convinced that she is indeed a GODDESS! a real GODDESS!

I was happy too coz Franz Cecille Francisco (formerly my Major Teacher) joined this event. I used to call her sexy, actually. Damn! she is totally sexy  (plus- a suma cum laude) for a record and believe me, Guys really adore her. count me in! lmao

I was able to meet the Founder (God Father) of the fraternal Organization OECONOMICUS

To make an end to this blog, i am thanking all of you who accepted my invitation and joined this party. This won’t be realized if you guys are not with me. I am so happy and grateful because we made a history. Not because we had this event but because we made moments to be cherished all the time. Hence, it is indeed a success!

For the best!


To those who I invited yet haven’t joined the event, you missed a real beach party guys.

To those who I invited and joined the event, thanks a lot. you’re part of my life scenario now.

Don’t forget to shout out “PAK-NOTCH”. We ROCK!

check this photo to navigate to my album:


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17 thoughts on “Ekonomistang Atenista Beach Party SUMMER 2010

  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. clement imo jud ge-circle… amft… ahahahaha…. murag alimango…. but ok ra… linagw man… hahahaha para atlest naa ko remembrance sa inyo… :-p di ko ninyo malimtan… LOL ^___^

    Posted by LiZaNdRa | March 27, 2010, 3:15
  2. thanks for posting our unforgettable event / moment of economists ,this really the start of my rock in the company,i got the chance to mingle some unfamiliar faces and got the chance to be part of the economists celebrities ,that’s why am so happy and very grateful having the right choice and track of choosing economics as my big,big,big family that will become a part of my career in the future and making me a successful economists and a leader.You really rock my word beyond of my imaginations,go,go,go ecosoc! mabuhay tayo! hey,hey,party people…
    God speed!
    Go Ladlad na’ta!!!! lol…

    Vote! LadLad 4 partylist.

    Posted by emspice | March 27, 2010, 3:15
    • sure thing. well, i already informed you before about my site especially blogging this event. and yeah, i am happy too coz you joined and sponsored some of the drinks (beverages) and foods. thanks too for commenting. until then. ^_^

      Posted by freemasonry | March 27, 2010, 3:15
  3. hahah..

    Posted by Harlene | March 27, 2010, 3:15
  4. ahahahahaha… LMAO ^__^ its really a breathe taking everytime it pops up on my mind… til now actually… di pako ka get over ug katawa… lol…

    @ emz = wow nmn… hehehehe love ur comment alot. hahaha…

    @ clement = star jud ang dating… grabe ang drama. pang best actress :))

    @ babz = hahahaha… lage happy pud ko coz somehow naka share ko ug happiness dat u wont ever forget….i’m already part of ur lives… memories that i’d treasure… most especially its my first tym to have this overnyt party with my frends.

    happy jud kow… clement tnx nwez… ikaw pud princess emz for accepting the invitation ^_^ sa tanan ecosoc malipayung bagong tuig… ahahahaha… (sabay ganun)



    Posted by LiZaNdRa | March 27, 2010, 3:15
  5. halo future economists…. tnx 4 a nyt that has been a part of my history,c u soon….

    Posted by Novah Cherry Mae I Atay | March 27, 2010, 3:15
    • thanks for coming too….^_^

      Posted by freemasonry | March 27, 2010, 3:15
      • wh0a!
        i pretty red ur blog BETWEEN the LINES..(–,)..
        wut a descripx0n..
        maau keu ka mgpalanay clement. . .effectiv rbah! hahaha, just kidding!
        nweiz, yeah! u sed it ryt!
        we superrr enjoy d party. . itz worth the whiLe:)
        enkz 2u and 2d future economists:)

        Posted by jimmarie guzmana | March 31, 2010, 3:15
      • well, its the reality my goddess…hehehe…and yeah, can u expound the “palanay-thingy” u’re talking about???hahaha….and thanks coz u enjoyed. cyah’…^_^

        Posted by freemasonry | March 31, 2010, 3:15
  6. haha…mka hubog ang spin me..mau gni ng da kug duyanan..
    okie jpon!

    Posted by jay-oh | March 31, 2010, 3:15
  7. I was examining some of your articles on this website and I believe this website is really instructive! Retain posting.

    Posted by Felipa Amado | September 12, 2011, 3:15

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