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Health Tips

Useful Health Tips here:

1. If you’re having a headache, eat fish.

2. If you’re having a fever, eat yogurt.

3. Prevent stroke by drinking tea.

4. Having U.T.I? drink buko juice.

5. Can’t sleep (Insomnia)? Try the honey.

6. Asthma? Try the onions.

7. Arthritis? Eat fish.

8. Upset stomach? eat bananas and ginger.

9. Bladder Infection? drink cranberry juice.

10. Bone problem? eat pineapple.

11. Premenstrual syndrome? cornflakes.

12. Memory problem? eat oyster.

13. Having colds? go for garlic.

14. Cough? redpepper.

Stay Healthy! share it with friends.


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