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Xavier University’s Campus Slang

Here are some words that will help you be acquainted when you are in the campus (Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan).

ay ko ulita interj. formidable challenges to someone not to continue annoying or pestering you or you might just explode.

asawa n. a female who hovers over her hubby, in short a female bayu.

astig adj. admirable, tough.

atabs n. greenies, freshies, kiddos.

bah /bah/ intej. 1. non-committal expression meaning “Whatever you say… I wasn’t actually listening” ; 2. a comment well in the lines of “Yeah, that makes sense.”

banda dude n. a member of a musical band.

bana n. school bus; male bayu/chuva.

brenda n. impairment of the body’s Central Nervous System (CNS).

b-yet n. a guy who is feminine emotionally and wishes he is female physically; a member of the Federation; also yet, “yotch“.

char interj. quaint expression that encompasses almost everything.

choy adj. n.  1. cool 2. nice and sweet person.

ba-yu/chuva n. official rights to a package of fresh.

chuva ek ek interj. saying etcetera, etcetera with flair.

dah tubag interj. a congratulations for someone who answers in class and unfortunateley gives the wrong answer.

dawlims n. somebody who shows up when all the work is done and still gets some credit; a prolific spineless parasite; dawat limpyo.

di ka kaingon interj. lit. “You can never tell” ; also “sadyang“.

fasar adj. in limbo between passing or failing; a grade of eyf.

FC adj. when you-don’t-know-who treats you like you’re best buds.

feeler n. somebody who feels, but feeling lang, a cocky, overconfident and conceited person.

g? interj. short for “Did what I just say managed to pass through your thick skull?”, also, “You got it?”.

ging n. what the girls or b-yets fondly call upon their fellow girlfriends.

gi-career adj. excessively serious at an assignment or an activity.

gulertz n. oldies; opposite of atabs.

haller interj. sarcastic manner of saying “Duh!”.

hilas/masi n. a person that threatens or creates frustration in the midst of jubilation; killjoy; party popper; pain in behind.

hohongihong n. 1. rumors 2. a collection of statements overheard around the campus that were definitely not made up but edited for the purpose of clarity and brevity.

impactive adj. having a strong impression.

‘jah ka? interj. “Really?”.

pasakayv. 1. to ride-on -adj. 2. conformist; 3. politics; smooth-talker; -n 4. title of the 2004 infodigest, Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan Info Guide.

polpol n. irresponsible, good for nothing person.

maas adj. 1. gulertz, -n. 2. hanas or already a master.

mayo na interj. a false praise or approval for someone who did something wrong.

may’ pag mubuto interj. statement uttered when luck is tough or when the world comes crashing down and everything’s so blurry.

moni v. replenishment or essential bodily fluids.

mura’g sure na interj. an expression to someone who behaves as though the deal has already been sealed (e.g. passing a subject, having a girl say “yes”).

naka-award/naka-piso n. reward for a lousy job or act, often in the forum of humiliation, yelling and perhaps a li’l physical pain.

noh? interj. demands of yes/no/ambot answer.

O.M.G. interj. “Oh, my God!”.

ores v. wipe out, extinguish, erase (someone).

sad ka’yo/ ‘la sad interj. same as “Ohhh”, “What a pity”, and “How sad”.

sawsaw v. act of putting your finger on a pie not yours; makig apil apil.

school bus n. one who fetches and delivers you wherever (classroom, CR, cafe’, etc.).

sison n. expert; -adj. masterfully done, skilled with the craft.

Sibyer n. coolest place in town.

simpol interj. matter-of-fact saying “Duh!”.

sistema n. a series of display of a man’s alleged affection to solicit favor from a member(s) of the opposite sex; pagpanguyab.

tulibagbag adj. somebody who has a twisted mind or a way of thinking, confirmed daot gihapon.

warla interj. a rather flamboyant way of expressing just about any emotion.

wa’y kurat interj. “Sure, no prob!”; No sweat!”.

witik adj. done in a manner reminiscent of the Flash and Superman.

So, that’s it! I hope you’re now acquainted with the words. Good Luck!


credits to forerunner (The Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan Infodigest 2006).


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