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Choose Your Love Story

Me and my Girlfriend

I was just cleaning my book area (my so-called “mini library” which houses 200+ books of different authors) when I browsed and read an article with this booklet entitled “Marriage & Family, The Missing Dimension”. I find the article interesting and I am inspired with its idea, that is why, I am adding it up to my blog roll and I want you to read and reflect and share it to others if you may like.

Here it goes! Enjoy!

God’s beautiful picture of sexuality is for us to refrain from having sex until we are married and then to only enjoy sex with the person to whom we are married (1 Corinthians 6:18; Exodus 20:14). Sex was designed by God to be a special pleasure bond shared between a husband and wife. By following God’s instruction, this act would help husbands and wives grow closer together in an intimate bond, allowing them to have the most fulfilling sex possible and helping them avoid potential dissolution of their marriages in divorce.

It is a beautiful love story for two people to grow up as virgins-not having engaged in any kind of sexual gratification-and then on their wedding nght present their bodies to each other saying, “I loved you so much I saved myself for you and you alone. I respected you before I ever met you. I respected God and His instructions. Now I’m ready to give myself completely and exclusively to you.”

This is true love! This is the most beautiful love story of all! And it is the kind of start that can help a couple live happily ever after in a joyous marriage instead of endin in a heartbreaking divorce as so many do today.

But how oftern do modern songs and movies tell us this story of sexuality? Not often, if at all. Instead, sex today is cheapened and degraded into a casual act for people to experience prior to marriage-and even during marriage-with whomever they wish. It’s assumed that to fully enjoy life, people should have sex with anyone they happen to like at the moment.

The modern “love story” of unrestrained sexual activity has people on their wedding night saying, “I have loved so many different people before I met you that I know we can have sex without any problem at all. After all, we’ve been doing it already. So tonight isn’t really that special. And did I remember to telly you? I have a few STDs I’ll be sharing with you. They are painful and impossible to cure. They’ll be with us for life. But baby, I really love you. At least right now I think I do and I’m willing to stay with you until someone better comes along.”

Which love story would you rather experience? You aren’t helpless. You do get to choose. The modern approach of so many is disrespectful of others, disrecpectful of self, disrespectful of sex and disrespectful of God. With all this disrespect surrounding sex, it’s no surprise that people are getting sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned pregnancies and marriages that soon dissolve in failure.


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