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It’s been months since I posted an article to this website since I am busy with my work and focusing on my travel site. And yeah, My account have been flooded by comments and I am thankful for that. Anyways, here is another post I want to share to you and please, take time to … Continue reading

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Julien Greaux: The Best Fitness Model

As part of a body building enthusiast community, everyone has their own favorite fitness trainers, or even body builders that they will surely follow on what programs they promote on building their bodies. Well, I am a member of Bigbens Muscle Factory Gym located in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. And I, myself have my … Continue reading

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What the government should do is craft laws that prevent people from harming themselves or more positively phrased, help them develop themselves and society. We urge the legislators to dump the contentious and flawed Reproductive Health bill and to pass more bills strengthening the Filipino family, protecting its citizens against the risks of contraception, defending the scientific fact that conception begins at fertilization, providing essential medicines for the main causes of death, making quality education more accessible to Filipinos, and providing more jobs. Continue reading

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Ekonomistang Atenista T-shirts

Ardent Greetings! The wait is over! you heard it right Ekonista’s! You can now order your economics shirts for 200php only. you heard it right! its only 200php! I exclusively created these designs as a tribute to those who will be graduating this coming March 2011 (In which I am hoping that I’m one of … Continue reading

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Popular Sexual Myths

Given all the confusion that exists today regarding sex, it’s important for us to understand some of the most common but mistaken ideas about this subject. Here are a few of today’s myths: Continue reading

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Choose Your Love Story

Me and my Girlfriend I was just cleaning my book area (my so-called “mini library” which houses 200+ books of different authors) when I browsed and read an article with this booklet entitled “Marriage & Family, The Missing Dimension”. I find the article interesting and I am inspired with its idea, that is why, I … Continue reading

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Xavier for Life Movement

Greetings cyberworld! United Arts and Sciences Student Council (UNITASS) and Religious Studies 55 YD and BF sections launches the Xavier for Life Movement: STOP ABORTION ADVOCACY, a movement that promotes life and seeks to impede the rampant cases of abortion. As the head of Ads and Promotions Committee, I am inviting each and everyone to … Continue reading

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As a former FETUS, I am against ABORTION

If you value the life of a fetus, then this is for you. I received this mail from my anti-abortion campaign colleague in which I felt like I need to spread the information. Well, this is basically about the House Bill 13 (Anti-Abortion Bill) by Congressman Roilo Golez. I personally agree with what this petition … Continue reading

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Anti-Abortion Campaign T-shirt

As part of our Anti-Abortion Campaign, I designed this t-shirt to make a moveĀ  against the legalization of this matter called, “ABORTION” here in the Philippines. I strongly contradict with the idea. If you are against abortion, then this shirt is for you. I exclusively created this design for Anti-Abortion Campaign. You can order this … Continue reading

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Think twice

Thought for the Day (August 13, 2010) A lot of people in hell are begging for one last chance here on earth. But most of us here on earth are wasting it. Think twice. Photo source: http://blog.lib.umn.edu/mwright2/iroots/images/beggingforchange.jpg

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