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It’s been months since I posted an article to this website since I am busy with my work and focusing on my travel site. And yeah, My account have been flooded by comments and I am thankful for that. Anyways, here is another post I want to share to you and please, take time to … Continue reading

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As a former FETUS, I am against ABORTION

If you value the life of a fetus, then this is for you. I received this mail from my anti-abortion campaign colleague in which I felt like I need to spread the information. Well, this is basically about the House Bill 13 (Anti-Abortion Bill) by Congressman Roilo Golez. I personally agree with what this petition … Continue reading

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Eskilera Band-The next pride of CDO

I should’ve updated this review about the band earlier but I was so busy doing things and wasn’t able to blog about them. But hey, I’m back to make another entry about this band called “ESKILERA”. So, what’s with the title? definitely, this is about them, about their gig at SM Cagayan de Oro last … Continue reading

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Warning from Spain-liberal abortion law: putting into effect

We cannot be naïve and be taken for a ride by the beautiful slogans of a rotten ideology that is now plaguing a good part of the developed world. Spain and others started out the way we are having now—regaled about the wonders of birth control and family planning, only to end up in shameless abortion and others.

I must say that this Spanish development should serve as a warning to us who as a nation are toying with the possibility of coming up with a law on the so-called Reproductive Health, and ordinances about sex education in public schools. Continue reading

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Salad Oh! Init Pa!

Are you familiar with this phrase, “Salad Oh! Init Pa!“? Or did you hear it from someone which directs the phrase to you? If yes, then you’re lucky enough. Why? Then read on… I always hear this phrase like everyday-from school to the streets, from malls to church-like everwhere! So, I was like thinking: “hmmmp…where … Continue reading

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2nd Ekonomistang Atenista Summer 2010 Beach Party

You heard it right Ekonomista’s! We’ll be hitting the beach ones again, since the summer classes is on its way to an end plus summer season is still on its shore. EKONOMISTANG ATENISTA presents the 2nd Ekonomistang Atenista Summer 2010 Beach Party So, here are the information of the upcoming 2nd Beach Party. WHAT: 2nd … Continue reading

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Are you a travel-oriented person?

WRITE FOR I AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS IN THE PHILIPPINES Guest Bloggers * Are you a travel-oriented person? * Do you want a place, a spot, or a location to display and talk about some of your best scenes? * Are you interested in helping hundreds and thousands others to sojourn the enchanting, alluring, … Continue reading

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I AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS IN THE PHILIPPINES. What about it? Simple, I am officially publicizing/launching my newest blog-site starting today April 27, 2010. I AM A TRAVELER: BEST SPOTS IN THE PHILIPPINES is a blog about a man’s adventure as he sojourn the enchanting, alluring, refined and beautiful scenery of the Philippines. I … Continue reading

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Cause:  URGENT LINE MAINTENANCE WORK Actual Interruption Schedule:  04/25/2010 Time Start:  6:00AM-6:00PM (12 hours) Interruption Details: April 21, 2010 Important Notice to CEPALCO Customers Scheduled Power Interruption on Sunday, April 25, 2010 from 6AM to 6PM Areas Affected : Greater part of PATAG including Calamansi Drive, Apovel Subdv., Terry Hills Subdv. & Anhawon – Bulua The Cagayan Electric … Continue reading

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Since the May 2010 Election (Philippines) is fast approaching and we are about to use the first automated machines for electing our next officials, we need to be equipped with right know-hows about how to accomplish the ballot. Credits to Mr Armando Madraso Mallorca for the information. 1. The voter shall, using a ballot secrecy … Continue reading

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