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It’s been months since I posted an article to this website since I am busy with my work and focusing on my travel site. And yeah, My account have been flooded by comments and I am thankful for that. Anyways, here is another post I want to share to you and please, take time to … Continue reading

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Choose Your Love Story

Me and my Girlfriend I was just cleaning my book area (my so-called “mini library” which houses 200+ books of different authors) when I browsed and read an article with this booklet entitled “Marriage & Family, The Missing Dimension”. I find the article interesting and I am inspired with its idea, that is why, I … Continue reading

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With the same person

A successful relationship requires falling in LOVE many times… with the same person. Photo source: http://richardwiseman.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/thing-called-love.jpg

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One rule in every relationship

Thought for the day: (August 02, 2010) “No matter how fed up and carried away you are in a fight, never, ever, suggest a break up.” SAY NO TO THIS: Photo source: http://cdn-write.demandstudios.com/upload//5000/000/40/2/15042.jpg

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Life is not measured by the numbers of breaths

Thanks to George Carlin for this simple tips. How to stay young: 1. Throw out non-essential numbers. These includes age, weight, and height. Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay them. 2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down. 3. Keep learning. Never let your brain idle. “An idle … Continue reading

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REMEMBER: Girls are not TOYS

Thought for the day ( August 01, 2010) For all men out there, check this one: NEVER court a girl you can’t LOVE till all tomorrows end. NEVER go into a relationship you can’t handle with the strongest storm and the tightest sched. REMEMBER: Girls are not toys. LOVE‘s  not a GAME. If you can’t … Continue reading

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Life’s Little Instructions

Just simple instructions about life. 1. Never tell a person who’s experiencing deep sorrow, “I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. ” you don’t. 2. Never risk what you can’t afford to lose. 3. Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before. 4. Remember that the formula for great love is COMMUNICATION + RESPECT. 5. When … Continue reading

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Alternative Natural Therapy without Medication

What about it?  Its all about the breathing therapy. I got this information from my Business Statistics Mentor. Check this out: The nose has a left and a right side; we use both to inhale and exhale. Actually they are different; you would be able to feel the difference. The right side represents the sun, … Continue reading

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Since the May 2010 Election (Philippines) is fast approaching and we are about to use the first automated machines for electing our next officials, we need to be equipped with right know-hows about how to accomplish the ballot. Credits to Mr Armando Madraso Mallorca for the information. 1. The voter shall, using a ballot secrecy … Continue reading

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Chicken and Sweet Potato Curry

Our next recipe for today is….. CHICKEN AND SWEET POTATO CURRY Once again, this recipe is from Syrie Wongkaew, a food-loving Australian. Credits to her. This fragrant chicken and kumara curry is one of my favorite weeknight dinner recipes. It’s light, delicious and best of all, very easy to prepare. Tender chicken thighs and kumara … Continue reading

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